Crystal Exploration... New Look Book... New Team Member!

March 26, 2015 2 min read

Adventures are calling! It’s time for our yearly crystal hunt as we visit beautiful faraway lands, handpicking ethically and ecologically mined stones and gems for our future collections. We’ll begin our journey onMarch 28th when we fly to AUSTRALIA! SoBahgsu Jewels won’t be at Farmer’s Markets in California until June 28th. We will however be at Byron Bay market onMay 3rd ~ Aussie beauties, come say hi!


Another thing we are beyond the moon excited about isour new look book ZINGARA, dropping next Saturday April 4th, along with tons of brand new, hand crafted, one of a kind jewels. Zingara meansgypsy women in Italian. This look book’s theme is the wandering nomad who stays connected to herself while exploring the world around her… Her energy is expanding and contracting simultaneously. Evolving quickly as she soaks in sites and sounds while staying introverted to her truth. I’m sure this resonates with many of you, our muses! ;)

We had the most magical, blessed, and powerful day shooting Zingara with Melodi Meadows (@babynative) & Asher Moss (@basementfox) of Moss+Meadows ~ and will share more about this amazing couple and our photo shoot in next week's posts.


Third piece of news… We are so excited to have our friend Bhakti join our team! Besides love for crystals, bohemian inspired jewelry & conscious, mother earth-aligned lifestyle ~ which we are all about ~ Bhakti is a graphic/web designer who loves writing and photography. She will keep you updated on our travels and new jewels here on our blog, on our Facebook page and in our newsletter. (You can sign up here if you’re not yet receiving our Bahgsu Tribe emails.)

Bhakti is originally from Finland and has lived in the States for 7 years now. She starts her days with meditation, and by adorning herself with Bahgsu jewels… really, we’re not making this up! In her own words:

“I wear my Bahgsu rings and bracelets every day. I would sleep in them if my hubby Daniel wouldn’t complain about scratchiness. Honestly. But he complains that my underwear is “scratchy” if I wear that to bed. lol! But there’s so much magic in these jewels. Crystal powers, high quality materials, and ethereal designs… I have a policy for clothing and jewelry that unless it makes me feel like a faery princess, I won’t wear it. Bahgsu Jewels more than qualifies in this department. I wore my Medicine Wheel Cuffs to my wedding last October!”

“I know that you, Madgi, created Bahgsu Jewels singlehandedly seven years ago and have run it since with your beloved Chris. So I’m just thankful and thrilled to be part of the team and the global Bahgsu tribe of beauties & free spirits!!”

Bhakti’s fave jewel at the moment: Sun Halo Ring with iolite and topaz which stimulate psychic awareness, inner vision and communication as they are stones for the third eye and throat chakras.

Much love, blessings, and talk to you soon!