ZINGARA || new magical look book & collection of one of a kind jewels

April 03, 2015 1 min read

Excited to announce that we are launching our newest look book ZINGARA this weekend and wanted to share with you some behind the scene thoughts.... We were lucky enough to collab with Asher Moss (@basementfox) and Melodi Meadows (@babynative) on this one and hope you love it as much as we do. 
They are such an incredible team to work with. Their communication/connection with each other is like watching a couple who has been married for 50 years yet still deeply in love, slow dancing to their wedding song. Seriously. Spellbinding & sweet. Never have I seen such a cosmic team in action!!
The day was a dream. The sun was hot, the wind cool and the natural world was showing off. As mentioned in the write up of the site the cobra is the spirit animal of the shoot and lo and behold, a sweet snake slithered up to us during our magical desert journey. It was indeed confirmation that the day was blessed and we are on the correct path.
Blessed by the spirit animal of this collection!
Behind the scenes - climbing to location - Madgi & Chris
All jewels in this collection are one of a kind and this is super special for this is idea is that began the brand many years ago. We wanted to create unique heirlooms that could be worn as adornment for beauty as well as totems for guidance. This collection harness this aspiration deeply and each jewel has been blessed under sage smoke and is ready for your journey. Enjoy!!