December 11, 2015 1 min read

bahgsu jewels sale

We just stocked the online shop with lots of new powerful jewels - one of a kind stone rings, cuffs, and more - and are excited to offer you 30% off ALL ORDERS until December 18th with code MAGIC.

Every stone is hand-chosen by Chris and I from conscious miners, then crafted with care & intention. In the end, the jewel is cleansed under the full moon...and shared with the world so you may find it!

With this salefrom new moon until quarter moon, Dec 11-18... We want to say THANK YOU to our loyal customers, friends & muses, and give you a chance to grab a new, one of a kind jewel at a great discount just in time for Christmas. The New Moon will be in Sagittarius today onwards and it’s the perfect time for choosing paths that support BIG DREAMS. We feel each jewel has potent energies and can act as a support system! 

Enjoy the sale and we hope you find beautiful gifts for yourself or loved ones.

Shine on!! xx

new stone rings