September 19, 2018 2 min read

2018 Fall Equinox


Equinox is a time of balance, as the earth’s equator aligns perfectly with the sun, allowing for exactly 12 hours of darkness and lightness. It is a time of balance between the light and dark, and yin and yang, and the masculine and the feminine. This celestial balance has a deeply profound energetic meaning. For those in the northern hemisphere, the Autumn equinox is a time of harvesting your rewards for the long work of the previous spring and summer and for the ending of cycles. With these endings, come new beginnings. Especially at this energetic timing, new things are opening up to us, the infinite possibilities are seeping into our consciousness, and we are more in tune to what is in alignment for us. We are asked to trust the degree of alignment we are experiencing, and delve deeply into this inner compass of true north. When we shift through all that no longer belongs to us, we are able to see clearly where we want to go. During this equinox, we are asked to not be afraid to embrace the new, for what you are attracted to would not come to you if you were not in alignment.



During this equinox, both Autumn and Spring, go forward and stepping into your role boldly. Trust that you are finding yourself, your deep self, by sifting through all that has no longer felt in alignment. Autumn is a time of balance, the ending of cycles, and inner reflection. Spring is a time of new beginnings, new hopes, and expanding your comfort zones.



A new dawn is coming, and this equinox is a beautiful start to this new incredible part of your journey.



Mabon: Autumn Equinox Rituals


Create an alter with the fruits of your labors (art work, writings, flowers)

Balance your home with sage and palo santo – removing your home of old energies and balancing out the new

Honor the darkness – give attention to your shadow self and allow it to speak to you.

Drum circle- allowing for your vibrations to align with the vibrations of the earth

Eat from mother earth – squash, pumpkin, apples are all excellent foods from the harvest.

Cinnamon sticks around your home - to bring in abundance and prosperity 



Ostara: Spring Equinox


Pick and plant flowers

Harvest fresh fruit

Egg ceremonies – honoring the circle of life

Spring alter; crystals, feathers, flowers, a bowl of water to attract abundance

Trust your degree of alignment – compass of true north