June 26, 2019 2 min read

In the busy and often over stimulating world modern world we live in, our mind, body, and spirit are often over burdened with stress. This affects the way we think, sleep, eat, create, and connect with our selves and others. This places stress on the immune system, and our modern ways of dealing with fatigue and anxiety, like drinking caffeine or alcohol, only blocks the pineal gland which is our source of inner peace and calm.


Through the ages, stones and crystals have been used to soothe the body, mind, and soul, and we have put together a list of stones that play a calming effect on the central nervous system, allowing for the body to leave a state of fight or flight, and enter into our natural state of calm.



The Ancient Totem

One of the oldest stones in existence, Turquoise is an amulet stone, once revered by ancient Egyptians to be the most valuable stone on earth. Created from the combination of copper, aluminum, and phosphorous, Turquoise has a deeply calming affect on the body. As well as bringing a sense of peace, this stone protects the aura from negative energy, and can dispel rage and misplaced anger.



The stone of the sea, or Atlantis Stone, Larimar carries the calming energies of the ocean and the divine feminine. It’s soothing light blue coloring calms the mind and soothes the spirit, reminding the wearer of their own innate wisdom and worth. Larimar’s connection with the element of water, which is the element that rules our emotions, makes this stone excellent for calming any anxiety related to emotional issues.



Stone of Magic

Labradorite is a light stone, which purifies your energy and reflects and attracts only light into your auric field. It clears and opens all of the chakras, alleviating any stale energy or blockages within the body that may lead to imbalances and anxiety. Labradorite is excellent is bringing your closer to your dream, purpose, and destiny, thus alleviating anxiety surrounding your life purpose and calling.


Rose Quartz:

Self Love Stone

We are taught that so much of our worth is based on what we do and how we look. Rose Quartz’s soothing and loving energy reminds us that we are innately good just as we are. This rosey stone raises our self-esteem, restores confidence, and balances our emotions. It helps to change our thinking patterns as it pertains to our self-talk, shifting negative self-talk to positive and loving self-affirmations.