July 16, 2019 2 min read

Calling in our greatest creations....


We are created from the earth. From the divine mother, the life giving source that births all into existence. To be fertile is to be abundant with creation...creation of art, creation of home, creation of life, creation of children. In this lifetime, woman are blessed to be able to conceive so many aspect of their lives. To give birth to children, ideas, creations, and art, we are fertile with the life-giving force that flows through the fabric of the entire world.


Trusting our divine inner wisdom is the foundation for creating a sacred space for fertility. Surrendering to the abundance of life within our bodies, and knowing that there is a plan far greater than we can imagine.


Stones for fertility


Moonstone: Mother Goddess

Moonstone reminds us of the natural tides of our own cycles. As the ocean pulls in and out with its power, our bodies all have an ebb and flow of life giving fertility. Moonstone is a reminder of this cosmic balance.


Rose Quartz: Stone of Unconditional Love

It’s petal pink is like the inside of a flower and the inside of or sacred uterus. It is life giving in it’s vibration of unconditional love. Place in your bra or your pants pocket to keep the loving energy with you at all times. For where there is love, good things grow.


Fertile Oils


Rose Oil: Deeply sensual and heightens a sense of deep intimacy and inner romance. It’s delicate aroma relaxes the body and enhances your natural libido levels.


Ylang Ylang: Energizes the reproductive organs, aphrodisiac, and supports hormonal balance.


Lavender: Balances the endocrine system and regulates scanty menstruation. Greatly supported by geranium and clary-sage.


Frankincense: Calming effect on sexual nervous tension and calms emotional wounds.





I trust my body to know exactly what I and it need.

I listen to my body’s needs, and rest when appropriate. 

My womb is preparing to be a perfect vessel for my baby.

I am spiritually active and powerful.

I nourish myself perfectly to prepare for this perfect cycle.



May you be filled with creative fertility and abundance, always.