March 08, 2018 6 min read

Clear eyes, open heart, 
Inspired by the fire within, our Heart of Gold Ring is in collaboration with our dear friend and gold-medal winning snowboarder, Jamie Anderson. Set in bright and sturdy silver, this stunning ring features an om sign, snow covered mountain peaks, and a heart of fire, all aspects that are close to Jamie's heart. It is a true testament to the fire of purpose that ignites the soul from within. 100% of proceeds from Heart of Gold Ring purchases will go to the Jamie Anderson Foundation, which helps children become leaders in their communities.
We are honored to sit down with Jamie and talk all things snowboarding, yoga, and mother nature.
Your charity the Jamie Anderson Foundation supports less fortunate kids to pursue snowboarding. By teaming up with your home mountain Sierra Tahoe, your charity helps give children the opportunity to try a sport that has changed your life. All of the profits from your collaboration with Bahgsu Jewels will go to "Jamie Anderson Foundation". Tell us a little more about this beautiful charity. 


In 2011 I wanted to start a charity to give back to those in need... Growing up in a family of eight I am aware of how expensive snow sports are and I wanted to find a way to connect kids in my own community to the magical sport of snowboarding... even if money is tight! At first a friend and I started doing events called "give back with love" which was pretty much collecting ours and fellow pro snowboarders gear and giving it to local groms... as the event tracked some positive attention I realized I wanted to start an official charity, the "Jamie Anderson Foundation" which is now sponsoring kids to continue pursuing their passion of sports... I'm able to raise funds to help the kids take snowboarding to the next level by getting them to out of state competitions  like the USASA nationals and such... it's truly a treat to give back to the sport that has given me so much! 



In the often times ego-driven sport of professional snowboarding, you want to see your competitors do well. How do you embrace your highest self in an ego-driven community - where stats and winnings are what people base their worth on. 


 It's definitely a challenge to keep your ego in check when you’re in a very competitive sport! But that's the beautiful thing of perception, it is what you want it to be! Competition is what you make it. I have been competing since I was born…with five sisters and two brothers I felt we were always one upping one another! Haha but I like to keep it light. Work hard, do your best, and bless the rest! If the girls I compete with are doing well or learning new tricks, it stokes me out and makes me excited for what's possible! We all need each other to progress so I'm thankful we have a solid crew! 


 Diet is in integral part of a professional athlete’s life. Your approach to food and diet is one of self love and abundance! What does a typical day of eating look like for you?


Yes, food is energy! I feel super blessed my mom cared and taught me so much about whole-foods growing up... we are what we eat. And food is medicine!  A typical day for me is .... veggie scramble, broccoli, ginger, chard, peppers, and happy chicken eggs ;)  maybe a green smoothie snack later with my dragon herbs, "tonic alchemy" (for radiant heath) banana, Maca, chia, hemp seeds, and coconut water... yum! And for later I like either grilled fish w veggies, or bbqd chicken with veggies and salad. My winter diet has more warming foods like oatmeal or kunyi for breaky, kitchadi for lunch and dinners (Indian healing food .. mung and basmati rice base with lots of spices and veggies) 



 Nature is a great healer and teacher. What is your favorite way to connect to nature?


Sweet mamma nature! One of my favorite ways to really connect and re-nurture myself is going to natural hot springs! There are a few of my all-time favorite springs in the Sierra Nevada mountain range.... I love the healing mineral water , it is truly so pure and so special! It's one location on Earth where all the elements meet: Earth-Water-Fire-Air . It's such a magical place where I can really just unwind and re-set my energy....  



 You're an avid yogini! How does yoga help your snowboarding practice and what is your favorite pose of the moment? 


Sweet Yoga! I feel yoga helps every aspect of my life…of course staying strong and flexible physically is key for snowboarding, but also having a healthy mind/spirit is crucial, so thanks to Yoga, I'm still chillin! 



What does the Divine Feminine look like in your world and the world of professional snowboarding?


There is a really powerful essence of divine feminine energy in snowboarding right now! It's actually unbelievable how amazing the women are! There used to be a lot of hate for the women in snowboarding because of the tricks not being progressive enough and BS but honestly the level has gotten to a crazy place! Women are now doing competition runs that men were doing just a few years ago... it's a really powerful time and I'm just so inspired and happy to see all the bad ass babes out there charging.



Tell us more about your environmentally conscious clothing company TYRE ( To Respect Your Earth ) and how it is teaching younger generations to live a non-toxic life.


 It's kinda shifted to LOU (love our universe) and I'm Jamie Lou :) it's slow but it's coming! I want to have cool products w meaning! My mom has an alpaca farm and me and my sisters love making home made  beanies, I've been main a lot this year and hopefully I'll have some to sell soon! 



Influence is powerful. You use your influence for so much good. How can people, who perhaps aren't medal winning snowboarders, use their influence to make a positive impact on our world? 


 I feel we all can be positive influences! It's just a matter of living in example ... if you are doing you and doing good, weather you want to or not I'm sure your influencing those around you... so I would say to just stay positive, keep your mind-body-spirit happy and balanced and you will encourage those around you to do just that, take care! The more you take care and honor yourself, the more you will have to give to the world around you! 



You’re a big believer in building a life full of passion and purpose. How do you manifest your desires into your reality? 


 Lots of dreaming! People say dreaming isn't real, well I think it is! You have to have a vision to be able to make it happen. Sometimes it's scary to dream big or make goals that you think may not be possible... but you know, flip it! Just try.... sometimes things don't work out exactly as you think or want but it's almost always perfect. 

 When I was a little kid I loved to journal, I mean I would write about everything! And one thing I knew I wanted to do even though I wasn't sure if it was possible, was to live a life revolved around snowboarding! I wanted to be a pro snowboarder so bad it was pretty much all I cared about. And although I had no idea how to make that passion of mine into my purpose, slowly the universe guided me, and if I hadn't been so trusting or open I'm sure certain things wouldn't have worked out. So even if it's scary to follow your passion, and even if you have no idea what your going to do with it. Trust yourself! Trust a higher power and let life guide you. Keep your head lifted and your heart open, you can do anything you want! 



Favorite crystal: love them all


 Mantra of the moment: I am infinite.  


 Who has been your greatest teacher? My mother...


 Three things you're grateful for today: family. Friends. Health