September 27, 2022 2 min read

What was your first interaction with Chris? 

It was purely love and first sight in the most simple & profound way. I had  flown in from 3rd trip to India the night before and craved a yoga class to rebalance me. The space was magical & my favorite- a yurt beside the ocean on a grassy lawn. The sun was setting and I saw him  & when our eyes met I just immediately thought “oh wow there you are ! I have literally traveled the world for the last 5 years trying to find you!"

How did Chris get involved in the design of Bahgsu?

I loved his art from the start, it is soulful, authentic & beautiful, just like him. Naturally it did not take very long for me to ask him to collaborate and so our first jewel happened fairly fast as he gave me no resistance.

Vending at festivals is the foundation of Bahgsu, but Where are you lovebirds currently selling jewels in person?

Currently we are taking our two little boys on a year long sojourn through the southern hemisphere. They are old enough to understand the world around us but young enough to not be locked into school. So at the moment we are not selling jewels in person, but plan to be back on the festival scene in winter 2023.

What is your favorite stone? Chris’s favorite?

My favorite stone changes constantly. Crystals whisper to me and I feel their pull constantly. For me tuning in to them is potent medicine and I honestly could never have a favorite. Currently, tho, I’m adorned in tourmaline & moonstone. Tourmaline feels protective and grounding, while moonstone helps me process all of the consistent change we have manifested. Chris has worn the same Turquoise Earth Ring for a decade and it is his compass, helping to act as a guide, comforting & encouraging.

What is it like integrating your life of travel and entrepreneurship with Chris’s life as a surfer & artist?

It is all of my dreams come true. Being with a partner that was already on a path of adventure , embodying the true nature of freedom, was & is a gift. We just kept doing what we were already doing, just together. We both understand , early on, that there can be a life full of grace, ease & beauty if the work ~ play balance is met. We are both extremely devoted to our roles with Bahgsu and believe that hard work needs to be equally met with allocated time & space for renewal.