April 28, 2018 1 min read

While on a solo spiritual journey to India, founder Madgi fell very ill with typhoid fever. After weeks under the care of Indian physicians, Madgi was faced with the option to return to the states, or continue on her journey, and guided by divine spirit, she used her last bit of energy to nourish herself in the sacred Himalayans. She found herself in the region of Bhagsu, a small mountainous community, nestled along vast green valleys. Madgi came across a sign reading “silversmith”, and felt herself compelled to regain her strength with learning a new skill. And what a skill she found....the art of creating with her own hands, divinely guided, healed Madgi in every possible way. Among the magical Bhagsu Waterfall, Madgi found her calling, and its flow has guided her ever since. Hence, after switching the 'h', Bahgsu Jewels came to life.