December 17, 2018 1 min read

Draped in a haze of ancient magic, there lives  the White Buffalo Calf Woman. She comes to us in the form of a white buffalo calf, as a heavy reminder of our duty to mother earth as her protector and nurturer. She was first seen among the Lakota tribe, when scouts were sent to look for food during a time of strife and famine. She appeared, lustrous dark skin like chestnuts and eyes like liquid night, with a message of strength, harmony, and also act with truth and purity with all of the divine beings. With her, she brought the Buffalo Calf pipe, a symbol of deep and sacred ceremony, and it is still honored to this day in the Lakota Tribe. 
Our newest collection is cloaked in ancient native America magic. White Buffalo Turquoise radiates with tranquility, awareness, and ceremony. It is a reminder to the human race, of the profound sacred pulse and connection of all living things. Open yourself to the guidance and wisdom of the white buffalo calf woman, and connect to your divine inner spirit.