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jewels :: Bahgsu Jewels
muse :: Matilda Andersson
photography :: Cait Miers
clothes :: She Made Me

She belongs to this space, to the whispers of the wind and the roar of the ocean. This collection is created with a trilogy of cosmic crystal guides. Larimar eases difficulty surrounding changes associated with love. As a gentle, soft, sky blue Caribbean healer, it brings the tranquility of the sea and air to heart and mind. Turquoise is Called "sky stone" or "stone of heaven" by Native Americans who believe the vibrations of turquoise can build a spiritual bridge between worlds & is considered to be a symbol of generosity, sincerity, and affection. Moonstone resonates with the feminine wisdom and Goddess energy of the waxing and waning Moon & has a reflective, calming energy. Reminds one be more conscious of the fact that life is a cycle of constant change. 

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