Ethical Production

We wanted to take a moment to share information about our ethical practices as our journey of crafting jewels reaches the 15 year mark....

Our production is mindfully traced throughout every step of our supply chain, making sure that our jewels are made consciously from beginning to end. From where we source our gemstones, gold, silver and brass to the way the stonecutters, silversmith and our direct team members are treated and paid, each step is treated with fairness and integrity.

We guarantee that all people involved in the production of our jewels are paid fair wages and benefits for their skills and services. It has now been over 12 years of working with the same crew and we feel blessed to be co-creating with this team of incredible people. Each team member feels like family.

Our goal is to protect and nourish mother earth and to keep our carbon footprint as minimal as possible. The silver and brass used in our jewelry is processed with a green certificate, ensuring a clean waste process. The same is applied to our miners; each are hand vetted and are aligned with our values.

All of our creations including our packaging are completely cruelty-free. Everything available has been made without the use of animal products and byproducts.

We have partnered with many visionaries and ambassadors throughout the years to co-create non profit jewels that can help make a difference. Our goal is to have multiple annual collaborations where the proceeds of each sale can lift the spirits of those in need.

All jewels are made by hand, using only the finest materials. Each piece is one of a kind and truly a work of art. We intend for our creations to last a lifetime and the ultimate goal is to craft only heirlooms that stand the test of time.