Redefining Success :: Madgi Del Moro

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What does it mean to be successful? The word success has changed throughout the ages, and we are honored to share the beautiful success story of Bahgsu Jewels creator, Madgi Del Moro as she joins Soul Sister Circle for a night of "Redefining Success". 
Madgi is honored to be a part of this special night, where creative women from around the world come together to talk about their journeys with carving out lives of deep meaning, fulfillment, and creating success on their own terms. 
On June 1st from 6:30 to 9:30pm follow along at Miami Marketta, Gold Coast for a night of deep connections, nourishment, and soul sisters. 
We are so honored to be a part of this beautiful night and even more beautiful community of like-minded women who are forging their own paths. 
Want to learn more? 

Visit the Soul Sister Circle website and Instagram page @soulsistercircle



Blessings xo


New Collection :: Ocean Stones

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Divine Ocean Waves
Like the ebb and flow of the ocean blue, our new Ocean Stone collection embodies the everything from magic of the ocean floor to the rolling white caps. Made with Turquoise, Larimar, Andean Opal, Moonstone, and Chrysocolla, this stunning mini collection was made for the mermaid in us all.
Explore this beautiful new collection and all the magical gems that are some of the rarest in the world.
Larimar soothes stress and uplifts the heart. With the power and grace of the ocean, this stone dispels anger and uncertainty. 

Turquoise encourages conviction and personal power. It strengthens communication with the self and with others. 


Amazonite is as powerful as the river and the warrior women who share it’s name. Yet this beautiful stone tempers aggression, tames irritation and calms the spirit with harmony and balance. 



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Mother's Day Muse :: Madgi Del Moro

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We are all divine creators in our own unique ways. Some make art, some garden, some teach, some surf, and some make babies. And Motherhood is one of the most sacred forms of creation. Bahgsu Jewels founder and creator Madgi Del Moro welcomed her baby boy Marley into the world last year. She shares with us the magic of the journey that is mother hood.




Did you always know you wanted to be a mother?

 No! Honestly being a mother was never my life's goal. While I feel loving and capable of mothering - I never knew with certainty I would be called to reproduce... until I met my husband Chris! Our love & devotion to each other has inspired me in so many ways.



What are three things Marley has taught you?

 1.) Patience. He is normally very chill ( we got so lucky!) so at the moment he is teaching me to be patient with myself. Patience as Bahgsu becomes lower in priority list, patience as my body bounces back to healthier levels ( post natal depletion is very real!) patience to just learn to embrace being a mom!


 2.) I can indeed exist on very little sleep. I normally like a good 10-12 hours but he likes to nurse every 3 hours! I thought it would be harder to adapt but it's been fairly smooth.


3.) How to be fully present. Oh yes , Marley knows if my attention wains or I get sidetracked and boom, he does something wild like try to crawl on top of the table! 



Motherhood is a creative practice. How is creating jewelry and being a mother similar for you?

 Both require creative ways to get through the day. Marley invites me to explore silly & sweet games and Bahgsu always has an element of surprise waiting around the corner. Both "babies" require dedication & love. I would not have it any other way.


What are three things you hope to inspire in Marley?

1. TRUST . Life is equally beautiful and challenging. Yet there is a divine flow and hopefully he can truly trust himself to be free & confident in the currents.

2. RESPECT. Raising a boy requires attention to the subtle differences between the sexes. I hope to raise a man that loves deeply & respects the women in his life.

3. COURAGE. To listen to his inner voice and have the courage to carve his own path.



What is your wish for mothers everywhere for Mother's Day?

That they take a moment to themselves. That this time is filled with deep breaths, self loving thoughts and a deep appreciation for all the women who have come before them.


If Marley was a stone, what kind would he be?

Crystal Quartz. This stone is the ultimate healer. Purifying all in its auric field. Shining bright cosmic light in spaces where perhaps light has never reached before. Marley has opened my heart in ways that I never imagined. 





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Full Moon in Scorpio

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The full moon at 20’24 scorpio is exact on wednesday may 10th 2017 at 2:42pm PDT. this marks the midway point of the lunar cycle we are in that began with the new moon in taurus on april 26th. that was a powerful new moon that made few aspects and was very focused in it’s energy. the focus was on being here now, being present to what is, caring for our bodies and the earth, and committing to the path of inner work that is needed in order for us to get to a healthier, happier place of thriving- not just surviving.


This full moon is in the opposite sign of taurus- and the taurus/scorpio axis speaks to what we hold on to versus what we let go of, what we own and posses versus what we share or owe to others. taurus is about material reality and enjoying life! while scorpio is the sign of death with leads to rebirth. taurus is form and scorpio is trans-form-ation. this lunar cycle has us looking at our place on the spectrum of holding on and letting go, life and death, what is mine to possess and what is mine to share, give or let go of.


Incidentally this full moon is lunar beltane (the full moon in scorpio is the lunar beltane date which changes each year). beltane is a fire festival focused on fertility, conception, passion, sex, sensuality and enjoying life! this full moon is a time to engage with our passions and our deepest love of life!

Scorpio is a powerful sign. it is the sign of all the taboo topcis of society: sex, death, money, power and control. the things people are obsessed with or afraid of- scorpio (and pluto) rules them! this full moon can bring into focus our greatest fears, deepest desires and also the shadows that lurk beneath them both. did you know that our Unconscious conditioning runs most of our consciousness? we think we desire a certain kind of partner or food or we think we are choosing to have an aversion to a certain kind of person or a situation- but underneath those desires and aversions are actually Unconscious reactions to things and people that actually go back to situations we experienced in childhood (and even past lifetimes). so this full moon in deep, smoldering scorpio can bring a lot up. it can bring us face to face with our jealousy, anger, rage, desire to be in control, tendency to manipulate, to try to dominate another’s will. scorpio is like a cauldron of emotion- or better yet a swamp. we don’t know what under those murky waters- do we dare to go in?


This full moon is trine pluto- the ruler of the full moon- who is closely aligned with juno. just a day before the full moon juno stationed retrograde- a degree shy of her exact conjunction with pluto (which will be exact on 11/11). pluto is the Lord of the Underworld and he drags us down and in. he demands that we face our own shadows and inner demons and that we do the work to relate to power not from a place of victim or tyrant- but from a place of empowerment and knowing our own worth. with the full moon trine pluto- the depths we can access at this full moon are DEEP. and with juno involved the transformative potential in relationships in our lives can be profound. the key is being wiling to question traditions, obligations and expectations we put upon ourselves and others. we don’t want to be doing something because we should be, or it makes us look good. that is the shadow of capricorn. this is a time to question what we are doing, who we are relating to, why we are relating the way we are. what are our relationship patterns? if you look back over the last 5-10 partnerships in your life- there is a thread there. can you see it? the lowest common denominator is yourself- so if you got cheated on by the last 5 partners (or if you did the cheating), it’s YOUR pattern. you have created this and there is a deeper excavation that needs to happen to understand why.


The full moon is also widely trine chiron the Wounded Healer- bringing deep potential for healing, awakening, full emotional expression and shifting our relationship to our wounds so that we are relating TO them rather than from them. and it is also square the nodes who just moved into their new home signs of leo and aquarius. when planets square the nodes we are brought to a pivotal point of choice on our journeys. we can keep on doing the same old karmic patterns or we can grow and move into new territory. with the leo/aquarius axis highlighted we want to move away from spiritual bypassing, analyzing things but not actually feeling them, and from a tendency to detach from our hearts. the leo north node demands that we come more into our hearts, more into our Light and authenticity. yet the brighter the Light the darker the shadow- so the path to more Light (more embodiment of it) is to move through/face/make peace with the shadows. as my shadow work teacher robert masters says ‘ we need to get intimate with all we are’. integration requires this deep dive into the shadows, not just being blinded by our own Light!

The ruler of this full moon is pluto and he is making a ton of aspects- he trines the sun, sextile the moon, squares mercury/uranus/eris, squares jupiter and cojoins juno! his intense, penetrating, real and raw energy is getting full expression at this full moon! the key is to work with the energy consciously so that we don’t default to domination and control OR playing the victim and instead take full responsibility for our energy and what is going on in our lives. when we can see things very clearly, including our piece in creating it, then we are empowered to change things!

The ancient ruler of scorpio is mars. before pluto was discovered mars ruled aries and scorpio. mars is in gemini and interestingly of all the personal planets he is the only one moving at a fast speed. both the sun and moon are slow as are mercury and venus- who just came out of their retrograde journeys in the last month. the symbolize of mars being the only fast planet made rethink to myself ‘we better slow down and not act in haste!’ mars wants what he wants and he wants it NOW. yet this desire, will and ego energy can get him into trouble. with mars in gemini we want to be aware of how we communicate and what we communicate. non-violent communication would be a great course to listen to right about now (for all of us and especially for the people running countries!). mars is in mutual reception with mercury (they are in each other’s signs) so the information is coming in FAST and people can shoot from the hip so-to-speak. staying open to aha moments, revealing information coming in and unexpected communications happening is key. just make sure you think before you speak and that you contemplate the long term consequences of words said or actions taken rather than short term reward.


Mars is about to trine jupiter (on the 12th) but he is also about to square neptune (on the 11th)- so he will trigger the jupiter/neptune quincunx that is exact for the 2nd of 3 times mid may. these are the two spiritual planets- and they are also the two planets that like to see the glass as half full and look through rose colored glasses. with a tense aspect between mars and neptune we need to be very aware of how we communicate and the actions we take. any tendencies to be dishonest, slippery and/or intentionally misleading needs to steered clear from (there are karmic consequences that can ensue). we want to take our will and drive and elevate it’s desires- not check out, spiritually bypass and lie to ourselves and others about our intentions behind the scenes.

One asteroid to take note of is phaethon on the sun and opposite the moon. phaethon is a very mars-like energy. martha wolcott says this asteroid symbolizes recklessness, feeling out of control, taking on more than we can handle and having trouble keeping to the middle of the road. that is pretty much the shadow of mars in a nutshell! with this potent asteroid involved with the full moon we would all do well to reign in our impulsivity and reactivity and count to 10 and breathe deeply before we speak or act. this can be a recipe for disaster if we allow the shadow of our emotions to take hold of us and if we engage in power/control dynamics with others. because phaethon has associations with cars, transportation and driving please take care as you drive and travel during this full moon (this is not to freak you out- i feel accidents mostly happen when people are not being present. so your willingness to be very present and to tune into your intuition and listen to it will do a lot to keep you safe and sound).


Interestingly the Dark Goddess has her energy all over the chart. back moon lilith is opposite mars (this opposition was exact on may 4th), asteroid moon lilith is in aries almost exactly quincunx the full moon in scorpio, and dark moon lilith is in gemini conjunct mars! YIKES! the Dark Goddess is fierce and a force to be reckoned with. she calls out the shadow and shit and does not care if she is called a witch, bitch, whore or hag. she has the gift of owl medicine- she can see into the shadows. yet she has a shadow side- which erupts in the form of her anger and rage. if she represses this it can come out in depression or illness. if she overly expresses it she can take it out on the people around her. this is an important full moon to be working with our anger and rage consciously. if we are not it can eat us up, drag us down, and create war and division within, without and in the world around us.


I leave you with Ellias Lonsdale’s star sparks meditation for the 21st degree of scorpio (we always round up to the nearest whole number when looking at the meditations on the degrees). I love the image of a pair of glasses with no lenses in them. it is time to see clearly- not through rose colored glasses, or through a glass darkly- but clear and spot on. in a world where people live their personas so much and are not truly living from their Soul- to look through a pair of glasses with no lenses in them is kind of like stripping away the persona and living/seeing/acting from the Soul. and i love the last line “we risk everything for the change to be crazy enough to see through every disguise and wakeup right on time”.


Ellias has 2 versions of his meditations- typically i use his star sparks. but i happened to look at his inside degrees write up- which is similar but distinctly different and it felt even more spot on. So I am sharing them both below. I love how he eloquently states that the intense shadows we see without are mirroring shadows within. he speaks to self righteousness and rage- and how coming to a place of Love is the only way to make the karmic shadows disperse. when we can love our own shadows we can find compassion and love for other’s shadows. as within, so without.


Scorpio 21 A pair of glasses with no lenses in them.
~Ellias Lonsdale, Star Sparks

We can see whatever we need to see without any help from anybody else or any secondhand opinions, points of view, rumors going around. We don’t want to be influenced by apparent and seductive ways to impose models, ideals, standards. We want life rough, direct, strictly our way.
Because we are so utterly intent upon carrying through with this uncharted perception, this unmediated awareness, we will do exactly what we set out to do. Instead of making peace with the broader collective versions of what goes on around here, we will stick to our guns and face the consequences of being so adamant and relentless.
The strength we gather from being so authentic to ourselves is tremendous. We get to see straight and to be so on fire with our truth that our inward soul can manifest in action and in life the way we feel it and know it to be. There are no filters, no go-betweens at all. Few can be this starkly on with core awareness in these times.
The dilemma we face arises whenever we need to see how others view life or somebody else needs to see as we do through us. There is no verbal and no ready made tool to convey or translate between this interior gaze and anybody else’s version. Usually, we become isolated, set apart to such an extent that we become a law unto ourselves.
Yet in balance this is the way it has to be. Even if we get swept away with ourselves that is the path we must follow, in order to break through to original, innovative discoveries which arise in this fashion and not in any usual tracks. We have our priorities clear. The only thing to do is keep on with our intense obsessional track and let it become either a failed mutation, as most are, or one of those rare openings into a whole new way of seeing, understanding, and being with the truth, the bare stark reality. We risk everything for the chance to be crazy enough to see through every disguise and wakeup right on time.

Ellias Lonsdale, Inside Degrees
A pair of glasses with no lenses in them.
Brutally direct vision and will focused straight down the middle. An outrageously maverick sensibility, convinced that seeing it all just like it is, is the only way to go. Defiant of roles, masks, and secondary references. Hugely unimpressed by any form of privilege or specialness. Desperate to break through all barriers, to go for the jugular vein. Neither temperate nor balanced in any sense. In the path of bluntly insisting upon your right of way you encounter huge shadows, and you are sorely tempted to assume that they come from the others. But eventually, the hard way, the truth makes itself known that ornery self-righteousness casts its own formidable shadows, and each and every one of these lays a claim upon you, you cannot refuse. Only when the rage has turned to love do the karmic shadows disperse and bare existence then become a true place to be.


full moon blessings sent your way…


Want to learn the power of astrology? Join Divine Harmony in her fundamentals class here

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Larimar Muse : Marissa Quinn

Posted on May 07, 2017 by Bahgsu Jewels

Marissa Quinn is an artist, creative visionary, and ocean Maven based in Encinitas, California. From life size murals to hand drawn miniatures, Marissa brings the magic of the ocean to life through her art. We connected with this beautiful soul and have loved getting to know her and the beautiful way she sees the world. Like the tranquil energy of the ocean stone Larimar, Marissa exudes the balance and trusting flow of the ocean. Read our interview with our Larimar muse below.

Favorite Mantra of the moment: 

"I am ready for my highest good, and I am an open vessel for my highest good now. All is well, and all will be well." This is something I repeat in my head all day every day, and is a combination of quotes from Louise Hay and the Biblical Wisdom Tradition. 


 Sunset or sunrise?

I love both so much! I try to make a point of seeing both every day. Sunrise instills in me a sense that every day is a new day and each new day holds infinite possibilities for good. There's nothing like feeling the magic light of the Earth coming to life. At the same time I feel the most connected to loved ones in my who have passed on at sunset. I have a ritual of walking from my cottage down to the sea with a sketchbook to draw or paint in order to connect, to quiet myself, and to let myself feel at sunset.  


Favorite crystal?

I don’t know if this counts, but I am currently obsessed with my Himalayan Pink Salt lamp!


 How does the ocean inspire you and your art? 

I grew up in a community near the ocean, which I think from a young age taught me how to live in seasons and rhythms with the ocean. I currently live in a little cottage above the sea, and am in the water a lot trying to better myself at surfing longboards. When I‘m in the water I forget my fears and failures and anxieties. It is a place where my mind goes quiet and I am able to just BE in nature where I feel connected to the Divine. This feeling of being and connection is where my creative flow comes from and is something that I am trying to convey through my art as a narrative of hope to inspire people into protecting our Earth.  


Describe your perfect day:

A perfect day is waking up early to watch the sunrise touch the sea with a hot cup of coffee in one hand and a sketchbook in the other. I love starting the day with a 15-20 minute meditation followed by a few minutes either sketching or writing. These early morning moments warm me up for a creative and positive day. After a quiet morning I'll usually either workout or swim or surf for about an hour, which gets all my wiggles out and quiets my mind for studio time. I love spending the rest of the afternoon drawing in the studio and working on a few different projects at once! After a solid afternoon in the studio I'll then cook dinner, visit my family, and then head back to my cottage for either more studio time or to snuggle up and read. 


Favorite marine creature to draw?

Oh gosh I don’t think I have one! I love the symbolic power of the humpback whale, but I also love getting lost in drawing seaweed curling and swaying in the current! 



Intentions for this year: 

This year I have a huge list of goals to accomplish, but I know that I cannot accomplish anything without approaching them through authenticity. I am making time every morning to meditate and connect with my heart and with the Divine in order to continue to find authentic creativity. I am calling bravery, risk-taking, confidence, professionalism, and financial stability into my life as I begin to tackle the goals on my list. This list is precious and private to me, but I will share that I am hoping to expand my work beyond just pieces of art but into other products and also into more writing and motivational speaking. 


 What is your favorite way to wind down after a busy day?

My favorite way to wind down after a busy day is putting on my comfy pants and watching the sun set with a glass of wine! I also like reading and journaling before bed to calm my mind and pull my thoughts away from social media and work. 


 Do you have any travel planed for this year?

Yes! I have LOTS of travel planned this year which includes several road trips to the SF and Portland area for some upcoming collaborations and shows! I am also planning a trip to India and Bali (and possibly Australia) later on this year for some research for another project I have in the works!


Three things I am grateful for today: 

Today I am grateful for my supportive community, for new opportunities to push myself into greater good, and for the beautiful Divine who always loves and always provides.



Want to wear the tranquility of the ocean everywhere you go? 
Shop more Larimar Rings here. 

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NEW COLLECTION : Crystal Voyager

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Meet our Muse: Martha Kirby

Posted on April 26, 2017 by Bahgsu Jewels

Meet our Bahgsu Jewels muse, Martha Kirby. She's a yoga loving, sunset dancing, vegetable eating, and world traveling goddess who's taking the female entrepreneur world by storm. 
Martha started Lead Like Her, a female empowerment organization that inspires and supports creative and entrepreneurs. We're excited to share our itereview with this beauty with you. 
What is your favorite crystal?
I am not sure I have a favorite crystal, however turquoise is definitely my favorite stone. It's aquamarine hue is said to represent creativity, inspiration and independence - things that I value highly in my life.

What was your favorite part about coachella?
My favorite part about Coachella was the connection and freedom that comes with being outdoors with thousands of others, all appreciating music as one. ( See Martha's full Coachella recap here

 Tell us a little about Lead Like Her:
Lead Like Her is a platform for creative, independent women to tell their stories, inspire others, and drive change in society. I started Lead Like Her last year after feeling inspired by all the amazing women around me, and what began as interviews on Instagram (@leadlikeher) quickly grew into a full-grown blog ( and in-person events with various brand and organizational partners. I have managed to grow Lead Like Her while also working a full-time job in Digital Marketing. Truly exhausting, yet endlessly rewarding.

What is your favorite way to stay fit and healthy?
As a gluten-free vegetarian and movement enthusiast, my favorite way to stay fit and healthy is by living a healthy lifestlye, day in and day out. I love eating whole foods and finding ways to integrate fitness into my daily routine. Some of my favorite workouts include; dancing, running on the beach, pilates reformer, and hot yoga.

Where is your favorite travel destination?
My favorite travel destination is anywhere tropical. I recently traveled to Kauai and was head-over-heels in love. From the beautiful beaches, to the muddy hikes - I never wanted to leave.

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would it be?
I have always wanted to go to Thailand to complete a 200-hour yoga teach training. When I have a month off, that's where you'll find me!

How do you want to leave a lasting impact on the world?
I want to leave a lasting impact on the world by inspiring others to realize their potential. Lead Like Her is allowing me to realize that dream.

All photos By @ravivora:

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