Billabong x Lauren Hill Blog

November 23, 2013 2 min read

Much appreciation Billabong Womens Australia for the blog love!

Honored to be featured in this weeks blog for I have been collaborating with Billabong for the last few seasons. My connection is through Lauren Lindsey Hill, soul sister and muse. Her words of wisdom and gentle ways exemplify the ultimate bahgsu jewels queen. Thanks to the sweet ladies down under for making this happen & excited for the what the future may hold. 

Here is the Q & A from the blog. Visit Laurens website here. To see photos and more info visit here.

1. What words describe women who wear Bahgsu Jewels? 

Authentic, empowered, mystical, courageous, intuitive and guardians of the earth.

2. We've seen your rattlesnake jewels pop up recently in a few Bbong Girls images, what's the significant of the snake? 

The snake is a symbol of eternity and evolution. Through the shedding of its skin it transforms showing all that constant renewal and healing is not only possible but natural. My design is the rattlesnake with a lotus on its crown. An ode to the east and west connection for the rattler is only found in N.America while the lotus is  a powerful Asian flower. 

3. Much of your work is with crystals, why? 

On one hand, I believe that crystals channel, amplify and reflect pure cosmic and earth energy as light. They have a denser lattice and capture these slow moving frequencies creating a healing vibratory field for the care taker. This truth encourages me to spread "crystal light"! On the other hand, crystals are simply beautiful and nothing makes me feel more whole than supporting beauty.