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Our bones are made of stardust, our souls from the fibers of the Milky Way, and our spirits from the deepest magic of the universe. We are all divine cosmic beings, rooted in peace and created in love. Our COSMIC SKY collection was an opportunity to go back to our roots as divine creators - taking inspiration from the sacred elements of nature - fire, water, earth, and air. Each stone, just as each spirit, is miraculously created through the sacred balance of the four elements. We traveled to the corners of the earth to find some of the rarest and most powerful stones - each one vibrating with the ancient wisdom of the universe. View the COSMIC SKY Collection here. 



Amethyst & Opal are ancient gems that harness the energy of our ancestors. Each stones history is interesting and varied with many cultures over time connecting to the stones energy. These creation tales are what drew us in and have inspired this collection of jewels. We want to share with you a few of our favorite myths... VIEW AMETHYST & OPAL



bohemia lookbook 


Elements are the balance of the natural world, when they are in flow peace is possible. When you're are able to cut through the clutter of life and find harmony within your inner & outer surroundings that is when you can activate your highest form. From this form you become limitless and can embody pure strength and beauty. VIEW EARTH, WIND & HARMONY>>






The Stars have been valued and loved tools for inner & outer navigation since the dawn of mankind. The position of the stars at the time of our birth even holds ancient secrets for each of us. Personally, these jewels were birthed the same time as Chris & my little boy sprouted in my belly. His name from before conception was star child for we have been feeling his cosmic energy dancing in the stars as we prepare for his arrival. Each jewel in North Star has the potential to lead & guide. VIEW NORTH STAR>>





She belongs to this space, to the whispers of the wind and the roar of the ocean. This collection is created with a trilogy of cosmic crystal guides: gentle and healing Larimar, protecting and spiritual Turquoise, & calming Moonstone, resonating with feminine wisdom. VIEW SHE BELONGS>>





She is wild, nomadic, free, dancing to the beat of her own heart. This collection is an ode to our ancestral roots. We, the travelers of the earth, journey with an open heart and mind. These jewels are a reminder to inhale deep breaths of freedom & to exhale the boundaries that no longer serve you. VIEW ZINGARA>>




Jewels created for you, our regal queens. Step into your power as a majestic woman, elevating the beauty of our mother earth. Manifest what you desire and let nothing darken the illustrious light within. You are royalty. VIEW ROYALE MAJESTIC>> 


bahgsu jewels look book nourish



An invitation to retreat into your sacred sanctuary. A choice to create healthy boundaries in which you feel free yet secure. This look book was created as a reminder to carve out time for pure nutrients. Perhaps this means fresh blue berry smoothies, long desert walks, moonlit yoga or getting lost in a guide to palmistry. There are as many ways as there are souls. VIEW NOURISH>>





Rainbow Warrior is one who carves her path while listening first to her own inner whisperings. She is connected to the earth with bare feet and open heart. This collection was created as an ode to my fellow journeywomen who feel all is on the other side of fear. VIEW RAINBOW WARRIOR>>





Crystals are one of many ways to help you process this crazy, wild world we live in. They have a denser lattice which allows the wearer to integrate cosmic vibrations we can not feel nor see. The mineral kingdom provides a fortified shield in which to evolve—a temple. VIEW TEMPLE