Aquamarine Zodiac Association

May 07, 2014 1 min read

Zodiac Stone of: Pisces and Aquarius

Associations:Moon, Neptune

Birthstone: Traditional Birthstone for the Month of March & Anniversary Stone for the 19th Year

Although Aquamarine is an ancient birthstone in many cultures for the month of October, it is currently the Modern birthstone for the month of March.

Told to be a stone of Taurus, many believe that Aquamarine being a member of the Beryl family as well as hexagonal, that Venus is associated through the number six.  Others have said it to be connected with Gemini, Pisces, and Aries.  Most often it is strongly associated with Aquarius, promoting friendship and love, as well as Pisces to encourage awareness.

Due to it’s enchanting color and soothing energy, Aquamarine is a very popular and well loved stone. To dream of this stone shows that pleasant social activity, loving friendships, and happy relationships are in the near future.