New one of a kind jewelry || bohemian, eclectic, inspired by pure nature & moonlit travels

May 19, 2015 1 min read

Ooh! Sweet news lovelies: powerful new crystal jewelry just dropped in our online store! Shop the new jewels here. These are all one of a kind pieces with gorgeous, unique, earth-formed stones featured on each. It's amazing to think how these crystals and stones were created millions of years ago... and how various crystals have various healing properties... the stones affect you in different ways, they are ancient, they are absolutely beautiful, they are what earth's magic is. 

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We're blessed to search for these stones and go source them ourselves, in person, to make sure they're mined consciously. Every jewel is handcrafted with love. Take a look and see if a jewel calls out to you! If you want to find out about about the healing properties of crystals and chakra stones, head on over to our Materials page to learn more.