November 13, 2015 1 min read


We are excited to give you North Star :: our new lookbook and collection of one of a kind jewels.


The Stars have been valued and loved tools for inner & outer navigation since the dawn of mankind, and the position of the stars at the time of our birth even holds ancient secrets for each of us.


Personally, these jewels were birthed the same time as Chris & my little boy sprouted in my belly. His name from before conception was star child for we have been feeling his cosmic energy dancing in the stars as we prepare for his arrival.



These are just a few of the magical imagery of North Star look book!
See all photos here>>



We want to thank the amazing creative team behind the scenes:
photographer :: Tina DeLeon
video/edit :: Bryce Lowe White
models :: Bleu Archibold & Brianna Falcone
2nd camera & style :: Melodi Meadows
shoot assistant :: Jodie Guirey


North Star is truly a creation born of love and the profound mystery of life, and we invite you to enjoy the artwork, find a jewel that calls out to you, and let it guide and lead you with its earth power and moon-charged light. See the collection here >>