July 19, 2019 2 min read

Hello Tribe, Chris here, just wanted to share my creation inspiration for the newest birthing goddess pendant.

As you may know we have spent the last few years in the realm of manifesting, creating and raising our two boys, Marley and Bodhi. During this beautiful process we have been taken to the highest spiritual peaks in celebrating their arrival. We have also had to dig to unthinkable depths when our youngest had a life threatening gastro issue that needed to be operated on at 8 days old. As this journey has evolved we have felt the thin vail of life and death that we all live within.

The birthing process is so incredibly powerful, beautiful and vulnerable, witnessing Madgi naturally give birth to both of our sons at home, was the single greatest moments of my life. The strength she tapped into was unfathomable, reaffirming  life's greatest creators -mothers, the untouchable journey all mothers must go through and the miracle of every creation. 

I was raised in a family of midwives and holistic women pushing for this ancient tradition of birthing. No one inspired us more than my late/great aunt Vicki Wolfrum, who delivered me, as well as our son Marley. She was the true essence of the goddess, beautiful, loving, strong, sexual and a pioneer that helped countless women give successful home births. I had created the original Goddess ring in her honor and this pendant will continue to honor her eternal legacy.

I hope that this birthing pendant brings great strength and safety to all women who embark on the mothers journey.

To those looking to conceive may this creation and moonstone help bring  your beautiful child safety.

To those mothers who are preparing for the delivery of your child, may this bring you strength and guidance, allowing you to lead with positive belief in your incredible body.

To all the Mothers, may this make you proud of your incredible accomplishments, of the children you have birthed and your sacred stories.

To the fathers who are the rocks during the process, hold your line, be kind and willing to compromise, nothing compares to watching your lover birthing your co-creation. 

Blessings to all.