August 27, 2020 1 min read

Dream of Dusk 
There is magic in her veins. There is lighting in her touch. She looks out from her castle in the sky to the world glowing with the amber light of dawn. A glow radiates from her golden skin and ignites the world below.
We welcome you to explore our newest collection, Dream of Dusk. Infused with regal stones like emerald, herkimar diamond, and moonstone, this new collection captures the majestic essence of the queen in us all. Shot at an ancient castle, our muse was adorned with a sacred decade-old Balinese crown - signifying embracing our souls as the divine beings that we really are.
This stunning collection features never seen before designs and gem combinations like our Herkimar Luna Studs, Sunbeam Ring, Emerald Sea Compass Ring, Hemisphere Moonstone Cuff, and our Brass Blossom Ring.
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photos be Jeff Johnson