August 06, 2017 1 min read

Full Moon in Aquarius is a true expression of this sign's watery and flowing nature. The cosmos are providing potent creative inspiration, and we are asked to be open to receiving these gifts of vision. These divine ideas will create great opportunities for manifesting, as vision is a major key in magic.


On the counter side of the Full Moon, the eclipse in this cosmic position allows us to break the chains of karmic debt in both our lives presently and our past lives. August is a time of massive transformations and immense light! You are guided to step even more fully into your own unique light and shed away any shadows that are obscuring your path. Know that the goddess is guiding you always and you have all of the light already inside of you. Open your eyes and your ears and your heart to all of the divine whispers that are coming your way to lead you ever deeper into your highest realm of consciousness.