March 05, 2018 2 min read




We are so honored to celebrate our dear friend Jamie Anderson’s success and constant inspiration at the 2018 Olympics. Jamie won gold on and off the snow at the Winter Olympics this year, the only woman to win back to back golds in Slopestyle snowboarding. Jamie began snowboarding at the tender age of nine, and instantly fell in love. The root of her success? Intuition, trust, and self care.


 (Jamie and Tyler with our little Marley)

 Like all things in life, Jamie taps into her creative life purpose (snowboarding!) with the same fire, determination, playfulness, and instinctive joy of all great artists. Jamie is deeply dedicated to her craft, and has learned that self-care is the corner stone of operating at her highest potential on and off the slopes. She focuses on “overall” wellbeing, which is mental, physical, and spiritual. With daily meditation and a gratitude practice, yoga, and a primarily plant-based diet, Jamie works at grounding down to her most authentic self. Starting the Jamie Anderson Foundation, which helps kids lead in their communities through sports, allows Jamie to use her roll as a leader and her incredible platform for make a positive difference.




She embraces her inner goddess even when she’s not getting massive air while wearing her Bahgsu Jewels pieces. Each of Jamie’s favorite signature cuffs emulates the power, grace, and creative knowledge of the earth, wind, water, and sky that she calls home. Jamie has been hitting the press circuit sporting her Illuminate Cuff, Medicine Wheel Cuff, Cloud Cuff, and Lotus Cuff.  We are honored to collaborate with Jamie on a one-of-a-kind piece, launching later this month! 


(click below to see Jamie's interview with Conan O'Brien)