March 14, 2023 1 min read

Journal prompts

1.What is your intention?


2.What emotions, energies, or other feelings arise when you speak about your intention?

-note: Any negative feelings should be considered seriously. Fears are warnings and prepare us for the worst. Sadness highlights where we need to be of better support to ourselves. Anger may reveal deep inner passion- usually, that is repressed.

Please take the time to analyze the full spectrum of your feeling & then try to identify the source of that feeling. 

I usually interpret positive emotions as angelic signals. 


3.How do you cope with negative energies as they arise?  


4.What are the qualitative differences between your reality and your intention?


5.What practices will gap this difference?


6.What actions can you take today (right now, even) to get closer to your intention?


7.What may act as a block between you & your intention? Do you have a plan for any blocks?


8.Tell me how it feels- to have ALREADY accomplished your intention. What do you do? Where? How do you feel? 


Now go materialize it.