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Modern Goddess : Life of Diana
Meet our Muse, Diana...mother, magic maker, crystal lover, and world traveler. She brings beauty to all that she does and sees the world in a power and unique way. Read more of her journey and shop her favorite designs here.
What does being a modern goddess mean to you?
Ahh, I love this question. If we look at goddesses as archetypes which really they are, each goddess; be it Mary Magdalene, Kali or Artemis, they all embody different characteristics that we can call upon at any time. Depending on what we're going through in life, we likely resonate with different goddesses at different times. So to me, being - and living as a modern goddess, it means freedom to be them all. The freedom to recognize that we are not just ONE thing, one mood, one look! We are ever changing creatures that ebb and flow with the seasons of the moon and life itself. Being a modern Goddess to me means embracing the multifaceted being that I am and having the courage to life from this place regardless of what society or people may think or say. The modern Goddess cannot be put in a box and she cannot be tamed. 
How has motherhood changed, challenged, and rewarded you?
haha.. gosh... I'm gonna channel a little Will Smith here... "Now this is a story all about how my life got flipped-turned upside down and I'd like to take a minute, just sit right there,
I'll tell you how I became..." a mother ! :D haha
Motherhood is such an incredible journey of love, growth and opportunity. It has challenged me in every way to look at things that I before was unwilling to look at. To say no when I mean no and yes when I mean yes. To love myself to new heights. To keep my standards high and to speak up for myself even more.. because my daughter is watching. 
And because I am the way I am, always willing to learn and grow, my life is constantly changing as I release old patterns that no longer serve me.  Is it easy? Heck no.. But SO rewarding. The love and innocence I get to wake up to every day is an instant reminder of the purity of life and source consciousness and that is what I live for every day. 
As the challenges change and upgrade me, life rewards me even more. 
Where do you go to reset and find your center?
Inwards. My best solution to anything is to go inwards. As an empath this has been the hardest part for me to learn but now inner journeys are my favorite for many reasons. I used to struggle with 'meditation' and sitting still but that's because I made it about 'meditating'. When it became about understanding my inner worlds, everything changed. So when I say go inwards - don't think meditation. I do several different practices that help me ground and get back to center when I'm 'off track' or out of alignment and it all involves working with the elements and my inner worlds. I don't think I have enough space to go into details here but this is what my upcoming membership platform will be all about. How to find your center and explore these inner worlds because it is from here that we create MAGICK.
What is your favorite form of self care?
Being alone in nature.. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy a good massage and some pampering but I find that the deepest self care for me is 'soul care' which happens when I surrender to mother nature and melt in her arms. When I walk barefoot and talk to the trees and listen to the whispers of the wind. Soul care / self care also comes from going within as you asked about before. When I find my center, I take care of myself because I knew that I was off center and prioritize myself enough to spend time getting centered again. So self care means caring for every part of me, every part I've wished to push away or deny, every part I love and hate. Self care is another inner journey for me, one of listening and acknowledging. But on a more physical level - making sure I laugh and spend time with girlfriends always helps. 
Favorite stone and why?
Really? You're going to make me chose one? If I were to explain my personality in stones, I'd be a mix of labradorite, moon stone, black obsidian and ruby. Perhaps my most dominant personality traits would be reflected by that of Labradorite. I mean look at it. It's mystical and magical. The wizards/sorceress stone. Filled with secrets and life and helps you open up to other worlds which I'm all about.
Favorite mantra of the moment?
Life makes sense backwards - this has always been my mantra. Regardless of confusion, frustration or just curiosity... always remember that life makes sense backwards. Sometimes we tend to let our human mind with limited perspective get caught up in hows and why's but it helps to remember that life happens while you're making other plans and it always makes a lot more sense backwards. You don't need to have it all figured our right this moment.
What does being at peace / having inner peace look like to you? 
Mmmm.. being at peace I believe I experience most when I surrender to life and stop trying to control it. When I follow my heart and it's guidance and when I listen to my intuition
. There's a fine balance between being at peace and allowing the flow of syncronizities to guide your way vs being content and not taking action. That said, for me, being a projector (human design) I understand how I'm to respond to life to get the best outcome and that has brought me a lot of peace in regards to my actions and how life happens for/with me. Though no feeling or emotion is constant as they will ebb and flow as part of being human, following my heart is the best and fastest way to peace and happiness.  
What draws you to Bahgsu Jewels?
I love how unique the style is and how so much attention has been put in the details. It makes it feel full of intention and we all know, intention is everything. The details inside the spirit ring I think is what initially got my heart all sparkly. I just can't get enough. To be honest though, I can sit here and think of reasons but all I know for sure is the FELLING. Bahgsu awakens my inner goddess/wonder woman and I feel so freakin in my power when I wear a piece of it. I can try and rationalize what it is but I think it's beyond words.
What is your favorite way to give and receive love? 
Acts of service and quality time are my most dominant love languages. I love giving and serving - I'll pamper you all day :)

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