May 21, 2019 1 min read

Known as Lodolite and Phantom Quartz, Garden Quartz is the shamanic dream stone. Used by healers for generations, the multifaceted stone is reminiscent of ethereal landscapes, lush gardens, and underwater worlds. Deeply connected with the Crown Chakra, Garden Quartz aids in spiritual journeys, lucid dreaming, deeply protective from lower vibrations, aids in deep emotional healing relating to past life attachment, as ell as assisting the wearer in seeing auras. Each stone is unique in coloring and shape, ranging from mossy green, to dusty yellow, to muddy brown, just like a garden.

Known to raise the vibrations of the subtle bodies, aid in cosmic journeys, and protect against negative energies. Often infused with minerals, moss, and other natural sediments, Garden Quartz represents the sweet landscape of our inner worlds.



Like gazing into another world, Garden Quartz are powerful journey stones. They are adapt at harmonizing the higher vibrational energies of the aura and light bodies, as well as protecting from lower vibrations and negative energies. Used by shamans and healers for spiritual journeys, lucid dreaming, and breaking through to new perceptions.



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