July 09, 2019 2 min read

The Sacred Elements make up the essential essence of all living beings. Air, water, earth, and fire, are the life line and sacred biology that creates all that is within our world, including us.

The Ancient symbol of the pentagram was created by cultures to represent the harmony and connection between the elements. Each of these elements has a distinct and powerful energy, which creates a unique experience when we welcome it into our consciousness and our physical space. Despite, and even because, of each other the element’s fundamental differences, the Sacred Elements work together to create harmony and balance in the world, relying on each other mold, flow, and create the spaces in which they each differ. Just like the elements, each human and living being tends to have the elemental qualities of a special combination of elements. Like in the ancient Indian teachings of Ayurveda, our doshas are the energetic elements that make up each person. For example, someone with reddish hair, a fiery personality, natural leader, and fast thinker and talker, has a large amount of fire, or pita, in their being. Someone with a thin frame, easy-going nature, wispy hair, and light digestion, will have more air, or Vata in their being. When we are able to honor and balance these elements within us, we are able to appreciate the true natural beauty and creation around us.  


Our newest collection ELEMENTS, brings forth the light and power of each of these sacred elements. When blended with the aura and the flesh, each stone can have a stimulating effect on the body, depending on an individuals natural balance of elements. Ready to take charge and  destroy what is holding you back? Welcoming a fire stone into your life can do just that. Ready to bring a sense of calm and relaxation into your life? Bringing in a water stone can help to bring peace to your being


May the divine in you see and honor the divine around you. For you are made of fire, water, air and earth.





Hot, dry, ardent

Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

Season – Summer

 Fire is full  of passion, motivation, and determination.


Rutilated quartz








light, hot, wet

Aquarius, Libra, Gemini

Season - Spring

Air is full of freedom, emotions, communication, idealism, intellectual


Green Moonstone 






cold, wet, soft

Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Season - Winter

Water is full of strength, purpose, creation, and destruction. It is life giving and also life taking, brining into balance the circle of life. It also beauty, peacefulness and wisdom.


Ocean jasper


Lapis lazuli 





Heavy, cold, dry

Virgo, Taurus, Capricorn

Season - Fall

Connecting with the earth the body and spirit, earth signs are deeply grounded and trusting. The are slow moving and feel much within their physical body.  



Introducing Variscite

Andean opal

Malachite azurite