October 19, 2023 2 min read

How did this collaborative jewelry line come to life? What were the creative ingredients?

 I was speaking to my old mate Chris Del Moro on the blower (phone) and he suggested a collab jewel. Chris is an amazing artist, always loved his creations as was familiar with Bahgsu Jewels and the grooves they create together so I thought it could be fun to collaborate with them, something different than I have done before.

We hear that the offering bowl was your idea, its a new territory for Bahgsu Jewels and we’d like to learn more about inspiration and intention for the bowl?

 Always nice to have a bowl to keep things in or to travel with as a way to set intentions, be able to burn local medicines in -if needs be- to keep the spirit clean on the journey. That was kinda the idea behind it. It’s beautiful how it turned out.

The story line on the pieces is a journey, rich in earthly elements, how does it parallel your music story line?

 I see it as a reflection of Bahgsu's impressions and reflections of their own path and journey mingled with ideas of mine. It definitely inspires some memories and I think we have walked similar roads in a way, coming from completely different backgrounds but rooted to the same core as far as what we see and how we walk as people on the earth.

What do you hope the wearer receives when wearing a piece from this beautiful new collection?

 I hope they feel grounded and the pieces are a reminder that we are a species of the earth not just on the earth and that our material possessions are just elemental things.

Lastly, we thank you Xavier,  for the amazing blessings you sing into the world, making our collective time on earth that much sweeter.. Its been an honor and pleasure designing this line with you brother… Best, Chris and Madgi

Listen to Great Divine. This song inspired our collaboration!