Healing Properties of Azurite

May 11, 2014 1 min read

Azurite has been known to address issues related to any type of dysfunctional throat and/or neck issue, such as sore throat, neck ache, thyroid dis-ease, hearing problems and asthma. It can also assist the body in utilizing oxygen which in turn helps strengthen the blood.

Said to have been used in the treatment of spinal realignment, to properly align the vertebrae, rib cage and small bones, specifically those bones that have been malformed.  Told to heal the kidney, bladder and liver issues, treating the spleen and adding in detoxification of the entire body.

Azurite, emotionally will clear stress, worry, grief and sadness as well as adding more light to the emotions. It transforms phobias as well as bringing and understanding as to why the phobias exist in the first place. It may help one when due to nervousness talks a great deal but at the same time holds back from self-expression.

Azurite should be cleansed after healing with a sage or sweet grass smoke/smudge and recharged by starlight. Azurite is a sensitive stone and may have a tendency to crumble if immersed in liquid for to long or too often.