Magical Properties of Azurite

May 13, 2014 1 min read

Yemanja, The Mother Goddess 
Powers: Psychic Powers, Divination & Dreams
Candle Color: Bright Blue

Azurite allows one to let go of programmed belief systems, challenging one to move into the unknown without fear, reaching with deeper insight and affording a new reality.  The old beliefs will gently rise into the conscious to be tested against the truth, allowing all to be seen in the true light.

If one has the desire to achieve deep meditation or astral travel, especially across time and space, Azurite is a wonderful stone to use, placed on the Third Eye to aid in one’s experience and expand the inner vision.  Opening and removing blockages to one’s psychic powers, higher wisdom and spiritual awareness.

It is not recommended to attempt this type of astral travel more often than once in any one day period.  Frequent use in this manner tends to create a ‘spacey’ feeling, which may become a problem when attempting any other psychic work.

Azurite should be cleansed after healing with a sage or sweet grass smoke/smudge and recharged by starlight.