June 17, 2017 3 min read

Dear Fathers and soon to be fathers of the world. I hope this year has filled you & your family with happy trails. Just wanted to thank all of you whom currently help wear the Brethren line by Bahgsu, I am honored. 

I am devoted to bringing a high quality line of male works, that are unique, devotional and made to wear on a daily occasion. I believe there is a need for less aggressive, repetitive jewelry in the western world, instead an ode to the uplifting nature, culture and inspiration that surrounds us daily. It must be acknowledged that I have been inspired by designs, cultures and works from all walks of this human race.

Thank you for your support, I will do my best to make you proud and make some beautiful designs to bring light into your world. 


Chris Del Moro  



What was your first feeling when you found out you were going to be a father?


What was your first thought when you saw Marley for the first time? 

When Marley was born, the entire house dropped into another dimension. Time stood still, a spring rain dashed across the sun's rays - to bare witness to the miracle of life was pure beauty. Our family and the amazing accomplishment Marley and his mother achieved filled our family with fresh golden light.

What was the inspiration behind Marley's name? And was it difficult to come up with the name? 

He remained nameless for 3 days. During the pregnancy we couldn’t drop into the right fit for a name. Marley wanted to meet the universe and let it help decide. One early sunrise, he and I spun music to soothe his new surroundings, I pulled out the Kaya album, with Bob’s young and vibrant smile gracing the cover. The message was clear, I presented the name and it felt right, when Mama woke we held counsel and soon there after we presented him to our family as Marley. 

What three things do you love and admire about Marley? 

I love Marley’s beaming smile, his adventurous spirit and his loving ways. 

What are a few things you loved about your relationship with your father?

My Dad Len, has always treated my mother with love and humor. He is a hard working, straight shooter, who is devoted to his kin and providing for us all. I really enjoy our childish humor and strange banter. He has done a great job paving a solid foundation for our family to continue nurturing, 

What are three things you wish to inspire in your son? 

 I hope to raise a man who is humble in his strengths, steady on his path, fair to others, loving and spends his time natural reality over the digital rabbit holes.

Did you always want to be a father? 

Yes. When I feel in love with Madgi I was able to sink into that next chapter of life. She has been such an amazing wife, curator of beauty and natural mother. We are lucky boys!

How is it being a father? 

It’s everything. It has slowed my roll, brought me back into the present, allowed me space to heal and grow, all the while blessing me daily with our first sons accomplishments. These are the best years of my life. I am grateful.


Blessings, Chris Del Moro 111



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