June 08, 2017 1 min read

June 9th marks the first Full Moon of Summer. Sagittarius is a powerful sign and this Moon is equally as powerful. This is a time of massive transformations and allowing goals and intentions you've set during the May New Moon to take place. Set your intentions as you prepare for this new Moon and let go of all emotional baggage that is holding you back from your greatest good. Make room for the limitless potential that is on it's way - for it is definetly on it's way! That means letting go of unfulfilling relationships, toxic friendships, old clothing, soul-sucking jobs, and all limiting beleifs. It's time to make space for things you want and have been manifesting in your life. 
As with most Full Moons, the shift in energy is palpable, and this one is no exception. Be sure to rest up and take it easy during this week, as your energy levels may feel low. Go about your daily routines more mindfully and slowly, being sure to take deep breathes. 
We are at the edge of new beginnings. Have patience as you allow things to naturally unfold and trust that your future is safe and secure.
This Full Moon is a powerful reminder of our unlimited potential - let it guide you to new and next-level inspirations! Everything is unfolding as it should.
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