Petit Pyramid Earring : Turquoise

Sacred geometry pays homage to the perfect order of nature. High vibrational Turquoise adorn these divine triangles, which are ancient symbols of strength and wisdom, and known as the “eye of providence”.

These dainty studs are powerful protectors, yet perfect for everyday wear.

Studs are 6mm pyramids. Turquoise is mined in Tibet and set in sterling silver or gold vermiel.

Casi wears both pairs, the shrine ( smaller) and the petit pyramid ( larger) 

These studs are even larger than are shrine pyramid earrings. Casi wears both the SHRINE (smaller ones) and petit pyramids (larger ones).

Price is for the pair.

Also included a photo of all our pyramid studs side by side (moonstone version). Shrine (smallest @ 3mm) Petit (medium @ 6mm) and the Grande (largest @ 10mm)

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